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Chenin and Cinsault

‘I want everyone to find the joy I do in these special varieties that are so versatile and expressive of place. I don’t like to tinker too much when making our wines. Purity and nuance are the name of the game. This means natural ferments, big old barrels and as little fiddling as possible’. – Alexandra

Premium Range

The inaugural harvest for McFarlane Wines happened in 2019, on a magnificent Monday of bright blue skies and soft golden sunshine, and Monday’s Child, a Chenin Blanc truly fair of face, was born. Tuesday’s Child, a Cinsault full of grace, followed in 2021, honouring the naming convention adopted in 2019. This premium range is dedicated to honouring South Africa’s heritage varieties, exploring what they have to offer as fine wines.

McFarlane Wines Mondays Child Chenin Blanc
Monday’s Child
Chenin Blanc 2022
McFarlane Wines Tuesdays Child Cinsault
Tuesday’s Child
Cinsault 2022
McFarlane Wines Thursdays Child Chenin Blanc
Thursday’s Child
Chenin Blanc 2020


The first wave of COVID 19 swept across South Africa just as we released our Monday’s Child 2019 in March 2020. Hard lockdown meant we could not sell our wine for many months. We had increased our tonnage for the 2020 harvest, but were forced to make some hard decisions about the fate of the wines we had made, not knowing when we would be able to start selling Monday’s Child. We could either cast the wines into the proverbial “river” of bulk wine and slink into the shadows, or we could channel some of the new wines we had made into an experimental range in a now, very different climate, and so the Capitoline Wolf range was born. Dedicated to the legendary wolf who saved the brothers, Romulus and Remus, when they were cast into the River Tiber, these wines played a significant role in keeping our neophyte wine business afloat during difficult times. Like the legendary brothers who went on to found Rome, the Capitoline Wolf wines consistently punch above their weight, telling a fascinating story about origin of the grapes.

McFarlane Wines Capitoline Wolf White
WHITE 2022
McFarlane Wines Capitoline Wolf Red
Red 2022